S.A.F.E. Training™ ProgramS

The S.A.F.E. OBSERVER™ Program

  • In Depth Understanding of Science-Based Situational Awareness & How To Apply It In Your Life Immediately
  • How To Keep You & Your Loved Ones Safe By Being Able To Spot Pre-Threat Indicators In Real Time.
  • How To Travel Safe By Understanding Behavioral Profiling & Kinesics
  • How To Speed Up Your Decision Making In The Event Of A Violent Incident
  • Fully Responsive To Any Device
  • Lifetime Access, View At Your Own Pace

S.A.F.E. Instructor™ Certification Program

This Instructor Certification Program contains everything required to develop an entire business around teaching people how to become more situationally aware and how to protect themselves and their loved ones by being able to identify potential threats in real time. Register Today For The Free Info Webinar.

  • Complete Science-Based Situational Awareness Training Course w/ Lifetime Access To Content [7 modules]
  • S.A.F.E. Certified Instructor Training Online Course w/ Lifetime Access To Content[9 modules]
  • Complete A-Z Business Marketing System[7 modules]
  • “Done For You” Instructor Marketing Website & Presentation Tools
  • Instructor Certificate Upon Completion

S.A.F.E. Instructor™ certification Program


  • Upload To Any LMS
  • Instant Access To Content
  • Maintain Full Control Of Management
  • Fully Responsive To Any Device
  • Go Through Training At Your Pace

What’s Included?

  • The S.A.F.E Training Enterprise Solution is designed with the latest adult learning “best practices” for maximum retention and engagement.
  • Your workforce doesn’t have the time to sit through hours of monotonous and prolonged training they will probably forget the moment they log off.
  • Through a mix of highly engaging video, 3D Media and gamification learners of all types will not only retain these skills, but enjoy it while they’re doing it!
  • Module One:The Baseline/Anomaly Mindset And Speeding Up Decision Making
  • Module Two:Non-Verbal Behavior And What It Communicates
  • Module Three:The Distances We Keep And What They Mean
  • Module Four:Hardwired Responses To Fear Or Threat

Additional Info

At any given moment, there are huge amounts of information being communicated to you through behavioral indicators, but how much are we really paying attention too? The S.A.F.E Programs will allow you to tap into this “hidden” language happening just under the surface of everyday environments. By learning specific, researched based behaviors that are tied to fear or threat, you increase your awareness exponentially. Behaviors that comes from the brain’s survival center can give off observable pre-event indicators to fear or threat. Once observed, you can disrupt the chain of events that lead to conflict and stop a threat before it begins. By understanding these behaviors, you will be able to establish baselines and pick out anomalies happening all around you in real time. This builds a pro-active and situationally aware mindset that aids in disrupting problems before they happen.

The Left Of Bang Mindset

If you look at the Incident timeline below, you will see “BANG” right there in the middle. BANG is your bad event. The workplace violence incident, the insider threat damage, liability for not enough training etc… If you look right of BANG, the ticks represent all the actions you would take after the incident. The ticks LEFT of BANG represent all the pre-event indicators that happen BEFORE an incident takes place. What if, instead of just training for what to do AFTER an incident has already taken place, we also trained the team to spot indicators “Left Of Bang?” All you would have to do is spot one of these indicators “Left Of Bang” and you could stop or minimize an incident. This is the “Left Of Bang” mindset you will walk away with after going through our S.A.F.E Training Programs.

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