July 14, 2020

“How To See The Threat”: Mike Drop PodCast Hosted by Mike Ritland

Born in Kuwait and baring witness to the gulf war Iraqi invasion of his home country, Yousef Badou grew up around the kind of violence that made him want to combat it as he got older.

After serving several combat tours as a U.S. Marine, he took part in a special project to train and teach other war fighters to be able to assess and predict violence through body language and context.

I had the pleasure of sitting down him to discuss all things related, and of course tie in the parallels of dogs.

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Table of Timestamps:
Breaking the Ice – 2:00
Growing Up in Kuwait – 15:15
Home Sweet Home – 28:30
MSG (Marine Security Guard) – 40:00
End of the Tour(s) – 55:00
The Marine Corp Combat Hunter Program – 58:35
A Civilian Instructor – 1:11:00
Behavioral Analysis – 1:18:00
How to Practice Behavior – 1:36:15
Traveling and Safety – 1:48:30
Emergence Disrupt – 1:58:35
Wrapping Up & Contact Info – 2:04:45

To find out more about Yousef or to find out how Emergence Disrupt can help increase situational awareness and behavioral analysis in your organization, visit www.emergencedisrupt.com or follow Yousef on Instagram at www.instagram.com/yousefbadou_emergence.