Situational awareness for employees

Empower Your Workforce To Spot Violence BEFORE It Happens

Empower Your Workforce To Identify Threats In Real Time

Corporate Headquarters, Houses of Worship, Aerospace Industry, Outdoor Events, or anything else in between, this training is vital to the safety of your team.  Don’t just take our word for it, see what others are saying about our training.


VP Corporate Security - Banking

“This course is a must.”


VP Human Resources - Banking

“This should be mandatory training for all HR professionals.


Real Estate Sales

“Important to all aspects of life that include interaction with people.”


Home Improvement Supervisor

“Quite valuable at the workplace, neighborhood and community at large.”


Academics Dean - Education

“Very relevant and impressive, as well as educational.”


Product Management

“The content is absolutely valuable.  More importantly, it addresses a need that is largely ignored.”


Security Director - Coachella

“Very useful and eye opening”


Sr. Sales Representative

“New way to look at people out of the norm.”


Festival Security Operations Manager

“I gained a better understanding of assessing people.”


High School Teacher

“Super valuable.  I really had no idea how important this was to my job as a Teacher.  Vital in today’s world.”

We help organizations of all sizes invest into the safety of their employees, by providing situational awareness training, originally developed for the Department of Defense. Empowering their workforce to proactively identify and prevent security threats in real time, before an incident takes place.