Client Testimonials

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About The S.A.F.E. Training™ Program

VP Corporate Security - Banking

“This course is a must.”

Product Management

The content is absolutely valuable. More importantly, it addresses a need that is largely ignored.

VP Human Resources - Banking

“This should be mandatory training for all HR professionals.”

Security Director - Coachella

“Very useful and eye opening”

Real Estate Sales

“Important to all aspects of life that include interaction with people.”

Sr. Sales Representative

​“New way to look at people out of the norm.”

Home Improvement Supervisor

“Quite valuable at the workplace, neighborhood and community at large.”

Festival Security Operations Manager

​“I gained a better understanding of assessing people.”

Academics Dean - Education

“Very relevant and impressive, as well as educational.”

High School Teacher

“Super valuable. I really had no idea how important this was to my job as a Teacher. Vital in today’s world.”

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