Certified Instructors


How To Create A Highly Profitable Business As A Certified Instructor Of The S.A.F.E. Training System™️

Public safety and propagating this life saving information to as many people as possible is at the very forefront of our mission.

The only way we can arm the public with this knowledge at scale- is to train an elite group who are equally passionate about the topic, and who want to create an income source for themselves while providing this much needed service.

Schools, small businesses, event centers, corporations of all sizes… there is an almost endless supply of potential clients. Far too many for us to engage on our own.

Therefore it is mission critical that we empower a group of professionals with the knowledge of how to profitably position themselves in the marketplace as a licensed and Certified Instructor of the Emergence S.A.F.E. Training Program™.

This Instructor Certification Program contains everything required to develop an entire business around teaching people how to become more situationally aware and how to protect themselves and their loved ones by being able to identify potential threats in real time.