Situational awareness for employees

Empower Your Workforce To Spot Violence BEFORE It Happens

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Proactive Instead Of Reactive

Identify crucial pre-event indicators in order to prevent dangerous incidents before they occur.

Security In Depth

Strategies for distributing a security mindset throughout the entire workforce so security is not a single point of failure

Hope Is Not An Option

Implement proven methodologies for keeping an incident from occurring due to lack of training, management, or oversight by Security.

Your #1 Choice in Situational Awareness Training For Employees

This training empowers your employees with the skills to establish behavior baselines in any setting, then proactively observe for anomalous behavior that could indicate threat.  Whether you’re trying to prevent Workplace Violence or spot indicators of Insider Threat; the S.A.F.E Program will empower your workforce to take ownership of their own security and of those around them.

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Accessible From Any Device

5 Minute Format Training Modules


Digitally Delievered Training For 5 – 5,000+ Employees

This training will invigorate your team to practice these skills even when away from work through gamification and exercise they can perform anywhere.  Not just your usual “check-in-the-box” training. Through our great partners at Learning Cart The SAFE Program is ready to sync with any LMS your company might use while giving full control of management over to you.  Whether tracking progress, awarding certificates, or accomplishments, you have full access to training management.

Most Popular Applications

Try to remember a time where you had a gut feeling or an intuition that something bad might happen.  If your like most people, we tend to tamp those feelings down and deny these potential threats due to lack of conditioning.  The S.A.F.E. Program harnesses these hard wired mechanisms to make better decisions during times of stress with an eye towards prevention.  Click on any tab to learn how these skills could have been utilized to prevent bad situations.

Corporate Offices

Educational Institutions

Private Security

What Clients Are Saying About The S.A.F.E. Training™ Program

“This should be mandatory training for all HR professionals.

VP Human Resources

The content is absolutely valuable.  More importantly, it addresses a need that is largely ignored.

Product Management

Invest Into The Safety Of Your Workforce

We help organizations of all sizes invest into the safety of their employees, by providing 1st in Class Situational Awareness training, originally developed for the Department of Defense. Allowing their workforce to proactively identify and prevent security threats in real time, before an incident takes place.