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Government & Global Organizations

Emergence is routinely utilized by the FBI, Joint Regional Intelligence Centers, Overseas Advisory Council, and all levels of Military and Law Enforcement to train on identifying crucial pre-event indicators in order to prevent dangerous incidents before they occur.

Businesses & Private Security Teams

We help businesses and teams of all sizes develop a security mindset throughout the entire workforce so security is not a single point of failure.

Adults for Any Application

Parents, Teachers, Realtors, First Responders... There is no limit to the range of people who can benefit from learning to implement proven methodologies for keeping an incident from occurring due to lack of training, management, or oversight.

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Enterprise Solutions: Situational Awareness & Behavior Analysis Training For Employees

This training empowers your employees with the skills to establish behavior baselines in any setting, then proactively observe for anomalous behavior that could indicate threat. Whether you’re trying to prevent Workplace Violence or spot indicators of Insider Threat; the S.A.F.E Program will empower your workforce to take ownership of their own security and of those around them.

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  • In Depth Understanding of Science-Based Situational Awareness Training Courses & How To Apply It In Your Life Immediately
  • How To Keep You & Your Loved Ones Safe By Being Able To Spot Pre-Threat Indicators In Real Time.
  • How To Travel Safe By Understanding Behavioral Profiling & Kinesics
  • How To Speed Up Your Decision Making In The Event Of A Violent Incident

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Try to remember a time where you had a gut feeling or an intuition that something bad might happen. If your like most people, we tend to tamp those feelings down and deny these potential threats due to lack of conditioning. The S.A.F.E. Program harnesses these hard wired mechanisms to make better decisions during times of stress with an eye towards prevention.




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