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Origins Where We Come from and Where We Are Going

Real Time Behavior Analysis Emergence

War On Two Fronts

After fighting an unconventional war on two different fronts the US Military was under the burden of finding an elusive enemy hiding among the civilian population.  They say necessity breeds invention and from this came the United States Marine Corps Combat Hunter Program.  This program sought to increase the survivability and situational awareness of Marines deploying to heavy combat zones and was lauded as a resounding success.  It was a true paradigm shift into how the military instilled a proactive and aware mindset, no matter the clime or place.  This program was the seed that led to the development of the Emergence Behavior Analysis Program, where we endeavor to bring this knowledge to settings and situations not previously considered.  Whether it’s in the boardroom, bar, beat or bowling alley, Emergence Behavior Analysis will keep you one step ahead of the pack.

Real Time Behavior Analysis Emergence

The Survival Mind

Within the brain, your survival mind is always searching for threats whether you realize it or not.  It is a very binary part of your brain in that it is always questioning if something is a threat or not.  When it becomes aware of fear or threat, there are certain physiological and non-verbal responses that people exhibit unconsciously.  You cannot stop these behaviors from happening.  The best part of this, good reader, is that most people are completely unaware of this and to what they are communicating to the world at any given moment.  Learning these behaviors is like riding a bike, once someone shows you how, it is very difficult to unlearn.  We cover a wide variety of topics to include sociology, anthropology and cognitive sciences to establish baselines and observe for anomalies.

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Intelligence and Security

Understanding these behaviors will allow you to spot anomalous behavior indicative of a threat, in real time. Not only does this build a proactive mindset, but allows you to disrupt a hostile actor’s decision making ability.


There are vast amounts of subtle information being given off at any given time. How much are you aware of? By analyzing behavior, you can become the most informed person in the room.


Even in our own communities there are a variety of dangers you can face. Learn to spot someone with bad intentions before they act and keep those close to you safe.

“The world is full of obvious things that nobody by any chance ever observes.”

-S. Holmes

The Secret To Observing Behavior

The first step in learning how to assess someone’s behavior is realizing that most people have no idea how much information they are giving off at a given time.  Everyone is conscious of what they are saying with their words but research shows that anywhere from 60% to 65% of communication happens non-verbally.  Click on our services section to see how we can best help your organization.